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Patrick Turner Tribute

Those in the vacuum tube/valve amplifier game, particularly in Australia, will probably have heard of Patrick Turner. His site turneraudio.com.au was full of information and an often-cited reference for many, written in a style that was uniquely Patrick’s.

Many projects were presented, with background information, theory and construction information all tightly jammed in together. The man was a goldmine of information and his knowledge was guru-level.

I had some conversations with Patrick in 2018/19 and during that time, he implored me to take a copy of his site, as he was not sure how long he had left (he was elderly and in poor health, a subject which he wrote about on his site as lucidly as though it was a broken radio that needed diagnosing and fixing!)

Patrick died in May 2021; his site is offline now.

In tribute to Patrick and his rich legacy of work, I’ve put up the scrape I did of his site with no changes whatsoever

turneraudio.com.au tribute mirror site