Welcome to Atrad Audio.

We have been designing and building Tube (Valve) amplifiers for hifi since 2016. Currently our line-up consists of an Integrated amp, a full-featured preamp, and a large power amp.

Our amplifiers are designed to take full advantage of the unique aesthetic of tubes: we design them to be front and centre, exposed and visible. The soft glow in the dark adds a special dimension to enjoying music, whether from vinyl or digital sources.

We’re based in Porirua, just north of Wellington, New Zealand.

We supply amplifiers domestically only: we do not export.

About the name

These traditional, legacy technologies all have something in common: they were Analogue technologies. Hence the name: ATRAD, or Analogue TRADitional.

ATR also happen to be our founder’s initials.

About our prices

Our prices are all in New Zealand Dollars ($NZ)

For ref, $1NZ is around USD 0.50 / GBP 0.50 / EUR 0.55