Welcome to Atrad-Audio. We do only one thing: Valve (Tube) amplifiers for Hi-fi.

Update March 2024 – Atrad Audio is no longer developing new products. You can still order the existing products on this site, but there will be no further enhancements to exiting products or additions to the product line-up.

We have reluctantly taken this stance owing to low sales – After one year the sales for our last major product development (the Lyra) has nowhere near reached the cost of development of the product.

Please feel free to browse the product gallery and get in touch if you want any of our models, but please be aware we will no longer take requests for enhancements or new features.

Why vacuum tube / valve amplifiers? Even though tubes were superseded by modern electronics long ago, audio enthusiasts never stopped loving their warm, smooth and engaging sound – whether listening to vinyl, or modern digital sources, and regardless of music style. Many feel that the vacuum tube sound just adds another dimension to the music.

Why we do this

As well as their sound, they also look awesome. Because what’s not to love about a glass bottle with red-hot insides and a high-voltage blue glow? A real steampunk vibe.