Lyra Power amplifier

– Our most powerful model –

Introductory Price: NZ$ 6500 plus shipping

The Lyra amplifier is available for order now.

The Lyra is a full-size power amplifier for those seeking more power than the Octantis Integrated offers. You will need a preamp to companion with this amplifier.

Features include

  • 4 X KT88 output tubes in push-pull configuration, Williamson-topology amplifier
  • 100 Watts/channel RMS
  • 12AX7 / 12AU7 driver stage – fully compatible with tube rolling
  • Fixed Bias design with easy-adjust green-light bias system
  • Robust power supply with over 100 Joules energy storage
  • Rear mute switch to allow for plugging input cables without powering off
  • Soft power switch
  • 4 and 8 ohm output impedance for speaker matching
  • Approx. dimensions 430(W) x 330(D) x 245(H)
  • Approx. weight 30kg