A name change for the Matariki amplifier

Back in 2018 when our integrated amplifier was first designed, the name Matariki suggested itself because it was designed during the winter months and completed during Matariki season. Co-incidentally, Wellington Harbour was visited by a Southern Right whale at that time which was named Matariki owing to the timing of its visit.

Our amplifier was actually named after the whale.

Times have moved on, that whale’s visit is history now, and Matariki has taken more of a dominant view in the public discourse in Aotearoa New Zealand.

ATRAD-Audio has no desire for any of our products to be seen as commercially exploiting something of deep cultural significance, so in future our integrated amplifier will no longer be sold as the Matariki.

So, starting from June 2023, and continuing the astronomical theme, the Matariki will now be known as the Octantis.

Everything else about it will remain the same, just the name will change.

See the Octantis amplifier here

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