DNE Certification

Ever since people started playing with electronic equipment in the early 20th century, it’s been known that electronic equipment runs on smoke. If the smoke escapes, the equipment stops working.

Sometimes, the manner of the smoke escaping is discreet and quiet, other times it escapes forcefully.

Whilst it is said that any machine can be a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough, it is none the less desirable for machines to refrain from letting their magic smoke out (either explosively or otherwise) in normal operation.

Clearly this principle has resonated with other manufacturers, as a quick look on Aliexpress reveals among the list of features for this equipment

Not Exploding is an attribute we look for in electronic equipment. This manufacturer seems proud to advertise the fact

Accordingly we introduce the DNE certification mark: DNE for Does Not Explode.

Henceforth all our amplifiers will be carrying this mark.

Does Not Explode certification mark

One thought on “DNE Certification

  1. Love it! In this crazy age … DNE is an extremely important attribute of all electronic equipment. Keep up the cool stuff with the tube amps – important to keep this remarkable technology alive and well.

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