Standalone Tone Control

The tone control was a scrapyard project… A few leftover parts from previous projects were sitting in the workshop so the idea was conceived of building something useful to add to the big KT88 amplifier (featured in a previous entry).

Designing the tone control presented the opportunity of designing a tube circuit on a printed circuit board.

By way of explanation: Traditional tube circuits tend to use so-called “point-to-point” wiring, rather than using a circuit board. However, circuit boards allow an item to be designed once and then built multiple times. So there are definite advantages.

In this case, an existing published circuit schematic was used, with some changes to make it more balanced. A power supply was designed – again using existing parts to hand, and a bypass capability was added into the design of the board.

The idea of placing all these electronics within view led to the replacement of the aluminium case top with clear acrylic, to allow easy viewing of the insides.