This is the bit where people I’ve built amplifiers for say nice things about them

I bought Adam’s model 7 amp sight ‘unheard’ based simply on the quality of his other products. Adam was fantastic at every stage of the process including troubleshooting some post-transit issues and his passion for his work is consistently evident. The amp itself is beautifully put together with high quality components. Despite its low power output it sounds fabulous in my smallish office (about 180sq ft) and can power even less sensitive speakers. It’s really rekindled my love of listening to music on a more intimate scale and brings me as much joy as my much more powerful and more expensive setup i have in our lounge

M. A. Mar 2020

Probably the most obvious benefit is in the bass response, particularly noticed with CDs. I’m hearing notes that haven’t been heard on previous systems – Technics, Sony, Sansui (with the same speakers).

In addition, the interaction between the output transformer and the speaker’s varying impedance through the frequency response range, results in a more accurate presentation of the music. Compared to AC coupled or direct drive from the output stage. This can be a controversial comment, but there is sound theory to back it up – maximum power transfer.

A. S. Jul 2019

As a hobby musician and vinyl enthusiast I have been fascinated by valve amplifiers for a long time so when the opportunity presented itself, I commissioned an EL84 amp from Adam. Adam was completely open to my requirements and designed an amplifier with tone controls, a headphone stage, and phono and  line inputs. Although this made the design a lot more complex, Adam mastered the build exceptionally well. His attention to detail meant that he wouldn’t just turn over the amp after building it, he would play vinyl for hours on end, take measurements and perfect the amp to get rid of the slightest level of hum.

Getting an amp built to my own specs at such a high quality is priceless and I’m looking forward to spending many hours of bliss listening to vinyl through this amplifier.

J. N. May 2018

After his own, my amplifier was Adam’s next project. There were emails and conversations around each phase of the construction of this unique amp, and high quality progress photos were included. I’m not an electronics buff but Adam pitched his communications so I understood everything perfectly. He delivered and installed the amp for me and made sure I understood about its safe operation . I have several good transistor amps but this tube amp is truly a level up. The sound is clearer and cleaner, easier on the ears, and its nominal rating of 12-15W per channel delivers more volume than I expected. Overall, the experience of having an amplifier hand-made to my specs was something to treasure, and after a year’s running there have been no issues or problems. Iwa Orotuanaki Wairua has definitely enhanced my experience of playing vinyl and CD recordings, making each listening session a special occasion. Now my wife wants the amp out of the man cave and in the front room.

J. G. Jun 2017