Getting Started

If you are interested in buying an amplifier from ATRAD-Audio, here’s how to get started:

First – take a look at the designs in our project gallery. More recent projects are at the top. There are indicative prices there. Prices are in $NZD (For reference $1NZ is around USD 0.60 or £0.50)

Drop us a line and describe your requirements – you can buy a standard product or commission something one-off. We can discuss options and prices.

It’s also important to know a few things for clarity:

  • This is not a commercial business, it is a low-volume hobby site
  • Prices are for cash, this is not a tax-registered business. I am unable to issue tax-free invoices for customers outside NZ. All my source materials are purchased at retail and attract 15% GST and the amount I pay for these materials is factored into my prices
  • Some of the components are sourced from overseas and as such currency fluctuations may affect their prices. We will agree on a price before any parts are ordered or any work commences
  • There may be a long turnaround time – I order the larger/more expensive parts on an as-needed basis and some of these take several weeks to arrive. Also this is a hobby site not a commercial business and as such it has to fit around a Day Job!
  • Valves are an old technology and present hazards that newer technology doesn’t. Specifically, heat. Our amplifiers are carefully designed in recognition of this, but risk in using the amp is with the user. This is an important point on which we must agree before I build anything for you. Valve amps get hot and will need ventilation, and should not be left on and unattended for long periods of time.
  • ATRAD-Audio amplifiers are classified as home built rather than commercially built equipment. As such you will be buying something classified as “used”
  • As at Sep 2020: I have a number of jobs in my backlog. If you’re interested, get in touch, but I advise there may be a longer turnaround owing to my queue