A positive review from an audio journalist, and the end of ATRAD Audio

First up – the review. 
Around Feb 2019 I was contacted by Richard Varey, from Witchdoctor magazine – about supplying an amplifier for review. He’d see the old ATRAD-Audio website and wanted to know more.

So I built an amp for him – a Matariki EL84 integrated – making some improvements on the original prototype (which remains as my Daily Driver)
I sent the amp and he did a review: https://witchdoctor.co.nz/index.php/2019/08/atrad-audio-matariki-valve-amplifier-review/

During the month he had it, a buyer expressed interest in taking it after the review was finished. So it was sold to him and he is reportedly happy with it.

The end of ATRAD Audio (well, not quite, but a bit of a change)
Shortly after this point, it was brought to my attention that my operation looked too much like a commercial endeavour, and taking commissioned builds meant I’d need to comply with various regulations both for the product and my own qualifications. Additionally, to comply with these electrical regulations, I’d need to sumbit a sample to a laboratory for expensive destructive testing.

Clearly this was out of reach for a hobbyist so I decided reluctantly to cease operation. The ATRAD Audio site was repurposed into what you see now.

However this is not quite the end. It turns out if I build things for myself and then sell them as used, the restrictions don’t apply, because when buying a used appliance, all risk passes to the buyer.

So this is how I will continue.

Which is the way most vacuum tube amp hobbyists run anyway.

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