Some progress on the EL84 amp

The EL84 amp is well underway now. First of all, the name:

Iwa Orotuanaki Wairua

This is is the Maori language (explanation for people outside New Zealand: The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand).

It means (approximately) “Nine Echoes” or more accurately “Nine Sound Spirits
Why this name? Nine because it has nine valves (tubes) and it’s going to a friend who is involved in paranormal investigations


So the case has been laser-cut and etched, the front and rear panels have been filled, seats added to the top:

A slight error with the laser etching means we seem to have two sets of “Speakers A” … oh well, it adds character

Circuit boards made up – the power supply shown in the previous post, plus the relay board for the speaker switcher, the feedback filter board for the Phono stage, and the bias adjusters for the output stage:

Feedback/RC Filter board for the Phono stage
Relay board for the speaker switch (Speakers A/B, 4Ohm and 8Ohm)
The Bias adjust boards, already mounted up. Yes it does say “Star Wars” inside the amp; this was a test of the laser etching before potentially messing up the top!


Bias boards mounted, tag strips, power supply and feedback board… starting to see how much of a squeeze this build is gonna be!
Wiring up the low voltage parts...
So that we can do this!